About us

My mother passed on me love for animals in my childhood. I grew up surrounded with many domestic animals at the slopes of Biokovo Mountain, in zhe village Kašće, and a big joy came into our house with every new animal. Yet, love for goats and dogs was boggest and dearest.

But, as the life writtes new pages and puts new roads in front of us, I had to leave Dalmatinska Zagora and folow one such road to the University in the City of Karlovac in the year 2003.
In the year 2006 I graduated at the University of Food Technology and immediatley after that I strted to work in this branch. That same year I decided to start a new study, Business Management, which I also graduated.

In the year 2009, I decided to have my own family and to live in Karlovac. That is the period when I bought my first two Tornjaks.

In the year 2009 I went to my first dog exibition in Zagreb, but really just as a visitor and that’s when the love at the first sight happened. Since that year our kennel intensively expose our dogs at many kinological manifestations around the world and in Croatia. Our kennel is based on extremely strong bloodlines that have been proved in our breeding up till now. We choose the best dogs from the best breeders that fit into our vision of a pure Croatian domestic treasure. We used others expirience and we got very good dogs that makes foundation of our kennel. Our further goal is to have only healthy and high quality dogs.

Croatian autochthonous treasure, Tornjak, Croatian shepard and Small Medjimurje Dog we breed out of pure love and we persistently work with them. We give them all our love and in return our friends gives us devotion, protection and with their beauty excellent results at exibitions in our homeland and in the world.